My name is Té Zio and I represent the creative entity formally known as, Immaculate Visuals®. I began this visual journey because I have always been fascinated by the ability to capture and recreate the essence of life through the creative world of art. Until recently (Jan. 2017 to be exact) I was just another lost soul pursuing art without any real vision or idea of where I was going. I went to school for Advertising & Public Relations, Graphic Design and Digital Media however I had no clue what I wanted to do with all of that knowledge.

Thanks to some inspiration and motivation from a close friend, I decided to pick up my Nikon D90 and start shooting with this camera that I had owned for almost 10 years, but never really knew how to use properly. Now, I have always had a knack for angles and photography but I was under the impression I would have to go to these big name school in New York and L.A. for anybody to really take you serious. After coming to this realization, I spent tons of hours watching online tutorials, practicing and shadowing experienced photographers in the business. However, it didn't take long for me to realize I had a true passion for photography and eventually videography as well. A few months after spending so much time working on my newfound craft and building up the nerve to go public with my talent, I officially launched Immaculate Visuals® in June of 2017 and the rest is history.


Mr. Immaculate



Satisfied GradSZN Client — Such amazing results. Booked last minute for two events and got better than expected for both. Very accommodating photographer who can do as requested. Thank you Te!

- A. Nantarojanaporn

Satisfied Birthday Client — You don't know professional photos until you have taken them with IMMACULATE VISUALS®!! How do I put the amount of professionalism, kindness, beauty, and just how AMAZING my Birthday photos came out into words. I got them back almost immediately and they were absolutely top quality!!

- S. Lewis

Satisfied Engagement Client — My engagement photos turned out better than I could have ever expected! I now have so many memories I can look back on and actually relive that exact moment because the pictures are just that ALIVE!!! Thank You Immaculate Visuals for your hard work and excellent service.

- A. West

Satisfied Portrait Client — I had such an amazing time shooting with Immaculate Visuals! I would recommend anybody to use them without hesitation. Their business is very professional and taken seriously. I was so surprised on how well the pictures turned out. They made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera! I am so excited to see what the future holds for them!!

- M. Meyers




Since it's inception, Immaculate Visuals® has made an impact in the creative and media world by having features on big brand sites like FashionNova and Cosmopolitan, to producing award winning content for DJI and Red Bull. Immaculate Visuals® has shot for names such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Florida Department of Agriculture, Gasparilla Music Festival, University of South Florida Football, Renaissance and Marriott Hotels as well as many other well-known clients.

Immaculate Visuals (sometimes referred to as I.V.) is a premiere media-oriented service, providing high quality visuals for every occasion. I.V. is here to bring your dream visuals to life and in doing so, we want to create the experience of a lifetime for you through every service. From start to finish, you are guaranteed to receive the best care to ensure your experience is one-of-a-kind and your product(s) are of course, IMMACULATE.



Elléments Magazine - September & December 2018

Shuba Magazine - August 2018

Elegant Magazine - September 2018

Summers Magazine - November 2018

Creators Magazine - January 2019


OSMO Mobile Contest Winner — DJI

"Can You Make It" International Competition Winner — Red Bull

Portrait Feature  — Fashion Nova

Portrait Feature and Snapchat Story Cover —Cosmopolitan


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