New Site, Who Dis?


I honestly can not believe that I have been in business for one whole year now!  The leaps and bounds that I have made in a mere 365 days has been nothing short of a blessing.  I truly appreciate everyone who has rocked with me along this journey and supported the grind whether it was following the page, telling your friends and family my work was "dope" or even booking your own shoot.

A lot has happened over this past year that I am truly proud of.  On November 7th, 2017, I became and officially registered and trademarked entity (that's kind of a big deal) and took my business to the next level.  Some of my work has been featured on Fashion Nova (they have over a million followers bruh) and even on Cosmopolitan's Snapchat story (it was the cover of the whole blog and shown again inside) so that's pretty lit! Eventually the goal is to be published in magazines and things like that so these are basically stepping stones on that path to greatness.

I also have had the chance to shoot for the University of South Florida Bulls D1 football team during their home games, and even shoot events for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during their Monday Night Football games in their VIP Wing with all the big wigs.  Apart from sports, I've shot events for the Marriott and Renaissance Hotels as well as St. Joseph's Children's Hospital located here in the Tampa Bay area for their Christmas holiday parties.  I've even been fortunate enough to have shot for the Florida Department of Agriculture for their "Fresh from Florida: Student Chef Cook Off" over in Orlando.

Taking a dive into the realm of videography, I won competitions for DJI (they make drones and other dope technology) and Red Bull (yeah, the one's who give you wings!) which I never even thought was possible to be completely honest with you.  I mean, come on let's be honest, 95% of the stuff I know, I learned on YouTube and taught myself so the fact I've made it this far is mind-blowing!

Honestly, this entire journey has been humbling man.  The amount of hours and hard work I have put in after hours or long nights I had planning the next thing for the business have not been easy but definitely a rewarding experience.  This site is just another phase in the evolution of my brand, Immaculate Visuals® (peep the registered logo - yeah I'm official!) and I'm excited to see where I can take it next.

Thank you again to all who been rocking with the kid this past year and much love to anybody who joined along the way, even if it was just yesterday!